Pianist, choir and orchestra cundoctor, composer.

Giorgio was born in Vittorio Veneto, Italy in 1975. He graduated at the Venice Conservatory of Music where he studied piano with E. Dario and B. Mizzen. After graduating at the Udine Conservatory of Music in counterpoint, choir music and choir conducting, he studied harmony with L. Borin, composition with G. Bonato, music composition for movies with S. Cipriano, piano accompaniment with E. Ferrari, and singing and vocalism with E. Baechi and G. Mazzuccato. He also obtained a two-year Masters degree in Music Education and presented his dissertation on the Opera for children (Udine 2009).

Giorgio works an intense concert schedule performing as a pianist, choir conductor, and composer in Italy and abroad. Today, he performs concerts throughout the world. His engagements have included performances in Argentina, Taiwan, Austria, Germany, France, Slovenia, Croatia, and Japan. He has been featured in renown concert halls such as The Mozarteum in Salzburg, The Colon Theater in Buenos Aires, The International Forum in Tokyo, The Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall, The Taipei National Concert Hall, The Tokyo Opera City, The Basilica dei Frari in Venice, and The Auditorium Pollini in Padova.

Giorgio performs with chamber ensembles, choirs and orchestras, and as a piano accompanist in concerts and recitals for international opera singers such as B. Anderson, M. Solman, C. Gallone, N. Santodirocco, A.C. De Lucia, E. Giannino, and many more. He often sits in as a judge in national music festivals and competitions. Moreover, Giorgio Susana has featured The Ufficio Scolastico Regionale ­­­­­­­del Veneto (group managing the music activities for the Serenissimo Natale project)­ as a choir and orchestra director in the Veneto region of Italy. These many concerts were commonly comprised of hundreds of public schools students that were brought together to perform in a collective choir.

With Elvira Cadorin (voice), and Gianni Casagrande (drums), he’s a member of Dedalo Trio where he performs as pianist. He also performs in a duo with the countertenor Matteo Gobbo, or the accordionist Gianni Fassetta. Moreover, he collaborates with many distinguished artists including the soprano singer Cristina Nadal, the cellist Walter Vestidello, the guitarist Denis Biason, the tenor singer Michele Manfrè, the soprano Carla Possagno, the actor and director Mirko Artuso, and the theater actress Nora Fuser. Giorgio is also a piano player and arranger for the Orchestra Italiana Napoletana directed by Sandro Cuturello. Since 2006 he directs the choir Corocastel from Conegliano Veneto Italy; a male voice choir with a full schedule and original collaborations with many artists and musicians. With Corocastel Giorgio has won many national and international competitions. Between 2011 and 2015, he was nominated Chapel Maestro of the Cathedral Choir by The Vittorio Veneto Bishop.

He’s the founding member of the juvenile choir “SingOverSound” and of the juvenile orchestra OrcheStraforte and Liceo Marconi’s (Conegliano V.to, Italy), of which, since 2012, he is also currently the director.

Giorgio is a music composer for choirs, camera and symphonic orchestras, oratorios ( i.e. Le rivà Gesù Banbin, Francesco d’Assisi, Jeanne d’Arc, Via Crucis dei senza nome), musical fables, musicals (i.e. Pinerocchio, Il bambino e l’Angelo, La vera storia delle formiche dei denti, Il potere della colla, Le Amorix e i misteri di streghesca, Hanno ali per volare – dedicated to Don Luigi Caburlotto), incidental music for theater, music sheets for different music genders and arranger.

He composed a modern grand opera that has been inspired by the medieval legend of Bianca di Collate. The opera is intended for solo performances, male voice choirs, and instrumental ensembles. His music and arrangements are regularly performed by various Italian and international choirs (Corale Zumellese, Coro La Stele, Coro Ecclesia Nova, Corale Universitaria di Torino, Coro Anthem, Coro B.A.I., Gruppo Corale di Bolzano Vicentino, Insieme Vocale Città di Conegliano, and many more). The music of Giorgio has been performed in some of the major theaters throughout the world, including Teatro Malibran of Venice, Teatro Toniolo of Mestre, Teatro dell’Arsenale and Teatro Goldoni of Venice, The Mozarteum of Salzburg, Conservatorio of Milan, and many theaters in Japan.

Multiple national and international prizes have been awarded to Giorgio during is career.

1st prize:

  • national competition “Falivis” for Choir music in Friuli Venezia Giulia region’s native language (2006);
  • international competition for young composers, hosted but the College Choir of Turin (2010);
  • national Music for Schools competition (Musica Per la Scuola) for composer. Prize earned in collaboration with Giuliano Pavan (2001);
  • 46th national choir competition in Vittorio Veneto as director of Corocastel choir. Male voice choir category;
  • 8th Veneto Choirs Festival, B category, as director of Corocastel choir (Venice, 2014);
  • Fascia d’oro Diploma (3rd level) at the international choir competition of Riva del Garda, as director of Corocastel choir (2012);

2nd prize:

  • Brentonico national competition as director of Corocastel choir (2008);
  • “Città di Barletta” international competition for composers in collaboration with Giuliano Pavan (2002);

3rd prize:

  • Asac Veneto e Usci F.V.G. international competition for choir music composition (2012);
  • “L’Italia s’è desta” Usci, Lombardia region, national competition for choir music composition (2012);

other prizes:

National competition for choir music composition:

  • “Su antiche melodie venete” (Vittorio Veneto 2007);
  • “P. Rossi” (Alessandria, 2011);
  • “Nella Città di Gremi” (Sassari, 2013);
  • “La Canzone Napoletana in Polifonia” (Napoli 2014);
  • “Il Cor Vorrebbe Teco” at the Assemblée Régionale de Chant Choral (Valle d’Aosta 2012);
  • (B category) For the best interpretation of his song Rondine Sul Filo as choir director of Corocastel (Venice, 2014);

Some of his compositions have been published by Sonitus Edizioni Musicali, Feniarco, Asac Veneto e Usci F.V.G., and played on radio and television.

Since 2014 he has served as a member of the regional art commission A.S.A.C. of the Veneto region and of the Concorso Corale Nazionale of Vittorio Veneto city. He is also the art director of San Giuseppe school music of Vittorio Veneto and music teacher in Secondary schools.